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What is the difference between 18k gold-plated and silver-plated jewelry?

18k gold-plated jewelry features a layer of 18-karat gold over a base metal, while silver-plated jewelry has a layer of silver over a base metal.

How do I care for and maintain my 18k gold-plated jewelry?

To care for 18k gold-plated jewelry, avoid exposure to chemicals, perfumes, and moisture. Clean gently with a soft cloth.

Is the silver-plated jewelry tarnish-resistant, and how should I prevent tarnishing?

While silver-plated jewelry may tarnish over time, storing it in a dry place and using a silver polishing cloth can help prevent tarnishing.

Can I wear 18k gold-plated jewelry every day, or is it more suitable for special occasions?

18k gold-plated jewelry is suitable for regular wear, but avoiding exposure to harsh conditions will help maintain its appearance.

What materials are used as the base for the silver-plated jewelry?

The base for silver-plated jewelry is typically a base metal like brass or copper, providing a durable core for the silver layer.

Are the jewelry pieces hypoallergenic, especially for individuals with sensitive skin?

Our jewelry is crafted to be hypoallergenic.

How long does the gold or silver plating typically last on your jewelry?

The longevity of gold or silver plating varies. Proper care can extend its life, but eventually, re-plating may be needed after 2 years.

Do you offer any warranties or guarantees on the quality of your plated jewelry?

We stand by the quality of our jewelry and offer a 30 day warranty. Please check our specific policies for details.

Can I shower or swim while wearing the plated jewelry without damaging it?

It's advisable to remove plated jewelry before swimming or showering to avoid potential damage from prolonged exposure to water.

Are the designs exclusive, and do you frequently update your collection?

Our jewelry collection is frequently updated with exclusive designs to offer you a fresh and stylish selection.

Can I customize a piece of jewelry?

Yes, IRE AJE offers customization options for select jewelry pieces. Please contact our customer support team to discuss your customization requirements and availability

What payment methods do you accept?

IRE AJE accepts major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. We also accept payments through PayPal for added convenience.

Do you offer international shipping?

No, we do not at these time.

Are your products ethically sourced?

At IRE AJE, we are committed to ethical sourcing and sustainability. We work with trusted suppliers who adhere to responsible sourcing practices, ensuring that our materials are ethically and environmentally sourced.